The Smartest Way To Outsource Your Sales.

Repstack utilises the latest advances in natural language processing and machine learning to provide the fastest and highest quality sales outsourcing services.

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How Repstack Works

Repstack easily integrates with your lead sources then our Sales Experts call and convert them on your behalf.

1. Build Sales Playbook

Together we build a sales playbook to guide our telephone conversations

2. Connect Lead Source

Batch upload leads or integrate your CRM to forward leads when set criteria is met

3. Repstack Calls Your Leads

Our Sales Experts call on time, everytime and maximise conversion

4. We Forward Qualified Leads

If a call meets your set criteria we'll notify you or arrange a meeting as appropritate

5. Track & Adjust Campaign

Update and manage your campaign from the dashboard. View call outcomes, amend playbooks or change budgets

Why Teams Love Repstack

Rapid Deployment

Repstack's Sales Experts can be deployed much quicker than an internal team. Bypass lengthy hiring and training delays

No Long Contracts!

Repstack doesn't tie you down to lengthy contracts, you simply pay for what you need each month

Expert Sales Talent

Our selection and training process was developed while working at San Francisco and Europe's top startups

Easy Scaling

Repstack can grow in line with your business, which gives you one less thing to worry about as you scale up

Flexible Headcount

Repstack is a Sales Manager's best friend when it comes to capacity planning on the Sales Team

Cost Efficiency

Repstack typically works out cheaper (per hour of phone time) than an internal hire, and we're'more flexible to boot

What Can I Do With Repstack?

Convert Inbound Leads

Integrate your CRM or Marketing Automation software with Repstack and we'll respond to all your inbound leads promptly.

Test New Markets

Test out new markets for your existing products without distracting your existing sales team

Cover Frictional Staff Shortages

Mitigate against temporary staff shortages and have Repstack cover while your new hires get up to speeds

Test Sales Experiments

Try out new Sales Experiments without the risk of hiring a new headcount. Repstack reduces the disruption and risk of running sales experiments

Autonomous Marketing Led Projects

Run Marketing experiments without having to rely on the Sales Team. We work directly with Marketing so Sales can stay focused on their main tasks

Amplify Direct Marketing

Boost the conversion from Direct Mail or Email blasts by following up with telephone calls. Let Repstack handle the heavy lifting

Upsell Existing Customers

Call your existing customer base and inform them of new products. If you haven't spoken to your existing customers in a while Repstack can help

Generate New Leads

Everybody could do with extra leads in the top of the funnel, but persuading your sales team to cold call can be tricky. Repstack can handle the heavy lifting

Secure Attendees for Events

Secure extra attendees or paying delegates for events by partnering with Repstack. We can handle the whole campaign or dovetail perfectly with your internal team

Generate Qualified Business Meetings

Set up meetings for your senior Sales Reps to close. Repstack can call through large lead lists so you can focus on more important leads

Get Customer Feedback

Keep up to date with how your customers feel about your service. Have Repstack run NPS surveys on your behalf

Build Customer Loyalty

Add an extra human touch to your process by adding in a personal call after a product purchase

Conduct Market Research

Make informed decisions about your business strategy. Repstack can call target customers and conduct interviews on your behalf

Nurture Leads

Keep leads in your funnel warm. Repstack can sift through your old pipeline and find warm leads hiding in your cold lead list

Who is Repstack for?


Enterprises & SMEs

Repstack delivers a professional extension to your sales team. Repstack can help you pursue seasonal campaigns, experiment with new channels or cover staff shortages

Start Ups

Start up sales is part of Repstack's DNA. We are able to quickly grasp the core features of your product and provide you with the flexibility to scale up and down your sales force
Sales Manager

Sales Teams

Repstack is a perfect addition to your sales team. Outsource the repetitive sales tasks that your sales team neglects so they can focus on the highest value activities
Marketing Team

Marketing Teams

Integrate your Marketing Automation software with Repstack. Focus on growing MQLs and we'll handle conversion. We scale along side to provide a consistent process

Did we mention... there's no fixed term contracts!

Repstack takes out of sales by operating on a rolling month-to-month basis.
Email us at [email protected] to find out more, or sign up to the platform to see an example campaign